Nashville, TN- Large commercial trucks can cause major damage when one is involved in a truck accident, and victims are often inflicted with serious or fatal injuries. Following a tragic truck accident, victims are left with many questions. Here our team of accident lawyers in Nashville will share four of the more frequently asked questions they hear from truck accident victims.

Can I seek compensation?

Yes, Tennessee law allows you to seek compensation for you’re the economic damages you suffered as a result of a truck accident. There are different types of compensation you can seek, which we will discuss below, so USAttorneys recommends you consult with a personal injury or wrongful death lawyer.

If you do plan on filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, you need to file your claim within a year of the date your accident occurred. Failing to file truck accident claim within that time limit will result in a denial of your claim.

What types of compensation am I entitled to for my truck accident?

Damages covered include medical costs, rehabilitation costs, property repair or replacement expenses, lost wages and damages for your mental anguish. If your loved one was killed, damages for the deceased’s medical and funeral expenses, along with compensation for your emotional distress, loss of financial support and loss of companionship. Truck accident victims who are left permanently disabled or maimed can seek compensation for their future medical expenses and loss of income.

If I was Partly to Blame, Do I Still Qualify for Compensation?

In many cases, whether it is a truck accident, car accident or workplace accident, more than one party can be responsible for an accident. Being partly at fault for a truck accident does not exclude a person from filing a personal injury claim under the state’s shared fault rules. In these cases, each party will be assigned a percentage of responsibility for a collision which depends on their actions and how they contributed to the resulting collision and/or injuries. As long as you are not assigned 50 percent or more responsibility, you can seek compensation, but the amount of liability you were assigned will be deducted from the final settlement. So, if you were deemed 10 percent responsible for an accident, you will only receive 90 percent of the ultimate award.

Should I retain a truck accident attorney?

That is a common question, and honestly, not all truck accident victims do, especially if their accident was minor. But USAttorneys urges anyone suffering severe injuries to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Nashville to get assistance with their claim. An attorney can make certain you get the settlement amount you need and deserve. Insurers and trucking companies strive to keep settlement amounts low, so you need someone to advocate for you and get the best settlement possible.

Truck accident victims in the Nashville area should call the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm at 615-246-5549 or fill out a contact form on their website. The firm has an outstanding team or personal injury lawyers who are ready to tackle your case and get you the full settlement amount you deserve.

If you are a truck driver and were hurt on the job, USAttorneys recommends you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer near you to determine your correct course of action.