Nashville, TN – A number of drivers get into accidents with larger trucks and 18 wheelers on the roads in Tennessee and the rest of the United States every day. There are special risks that drivers of large trucks and commercial vehicles face when they operate on a highway for extended periods of time. Various government agencies in the state have attempted to get data about these problems to make the state’s roads safer and inform drivers about their risks. 

Truck crashes can vary highly by county and metro area

The number of truck collisions can vary from a dozen or so in rural counties each year, to over a thousand annually in areas that include major metropolitan sprawl such as Nashville and Memphis. The Tennessee Department of Safety has been recording these numbers as part of a several different government programs. 

Fortunately, the statistics regarding crash injuries by severity tends to show that many drivers will not be injured at all, or only sustain minor medical problems or property damage. However, there are a small percentage of people involved in the accidents who are seriously hurt or experience fatal injuries. Again, the severity of problems caused by an accident tends to coincide with the geographic area. This means that drivers in rural areas in the state are less likely to be victims who have to deal with with life changing injuries or pass away after a collision with a truck driver than drivers in cities

Victims who have been harmed by a truck driver have legal remedies available

When someone has been hurt in a collision with a truck or commercial vehicle, they are able to file insurance claims and contact the police to make a formal accident report and investigation. These processes are important, as they will help determine fault and decide who should pay for losses associated with the accident. 

When the victim retains legal help there are a number of things that their lawyer will do. They can gather evidence related to the crash and see how severe the losses related to things like property damage and medical bills are. Documentation can be used to prove the amount of damages that the plaintiff is trying to secure. The parties will either settle and agree to an amount that seems fair to both sides, or they can go to trial and allow jury members to decide who is at fault. 

Scheduling a time to speak with a personal injury lawyer

Anyone who has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident has the option of exploring the possibility of a civil lawsuit against the person or business responsible. George Fusner has decades of experience helping accident victims in Tennessee. 

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