Collisions involving large commercial trucks, such as big rigs, are not uncommon in Texas. Although strict laws have been enacted to maintain the safe operation of commercial vehicles on Texas roadways, truck accidents still occur  and often with devastating results. 

Slowing Down Too Late: A Common Factor Behind Big Rig Crashes

While many big rig accidents are attributed to some form of blatant negligence on the driver’s part, including speeding, failure to yield, or intoxication, others are caused by a general failure to understand the need for taking additional safety precautions while operating a large commercial vehicle. 

For example, when compared to a passenger car, a big rig needs additional time to reduce speed before coming to a stop and/or making a turn. Truck drivers should know this, and so, begin slowing down as they approach a traffic light, stop sign, another vehicle, or prior to merging onto a different lane or roadway. However, some commercial truck drivers fail to take the size of their vehicles into account and either do not slow down with ample time or proceed to turn without ample clearing.  

That being said, automobile drivers may also believe (with merited assumption) that the big rig waiting to merge into their lane or already driving in front of them will take these precautions and do not slow down in time. Sadly, these misconceptions can lead to a serious collision, much like the fatal big rig accident involving two teenage sisters last month.

Rear-End Big Rig Collision Claims Two Teen Lives

The accident took place on Interstate 10 near Sierra Blanca. As per a local news report, a big rig that was towing a Hyundai was slow to stop when entering a U.S. Border Protection checkpoint and was rear-ended by a Ford Expedition.

The Ford driver, 43-year-old Robert Aslanian, suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, his daughters,16-year-old Sophia Aslanian and 19-year-old Emma Aslanian, who were riding in the SUV, were killed upon impact. Authorities say both girls were wearing their seatbelts, which goes to show the magnitude that a collision with a big rig can have.

Seeking Legal Help After a Big Rig Accident in Texas

When a big rig operator is driving too fast or is distracted, they may brake abruptly to avoid crashing into the vehicle in front of them. In doing so, they may cause those driving behind them to crash, as was the case with this tragic accident. 

However, it’s important for those involved in a big rig accident in Texas to understand that they may be eligible for compensation for their injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one. By consulting with a local team of attorneys, such as the legal professionals at the Cooper Law Firm, victims will know if they have grounds to file a case, and if so, fight for their rightful damages.


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