Overturned truck in crashTucson, AZ- A sightseeing trip in Arizona for four teachers from Brooklyn soon turned to tragedy after their vehicle was broadsided by a tractor-trailer. Two of the women were killed and two suffered critical injuries.

The accident took place last Monday in Winslow while the four women were headed to the Petrified Forest National Park in a rented Jeep. According to the New York Daily News, the Jeep’s driver attempted to take a left turn at State Route 77 and State Route 377 around 11:30 p.m. when they were T-boned by a tractor-trailer.

The woman driving and a front seat passenger were both killed. The two women in the back of the Jeep were seriously injured but are expected to survive their injuries.

The tractor-trailer driver suffered neck and back injuries.

Police say the Jeep’s driver pulled out in front of the semi because she either failed to notice the truck or “underestimated” the truck’s speed, according to the New York Daily News. The paper reports that the tractor-trailer nearly smashed completely through the middle of the driver’s door.

Police said the neither speed nor intoxication were factors in the crash.

The responsibility in this accident appears to lie with the passenger vehicle motorist, as is the case for many commercial truck accidents. But if the truck driver was at-fault because they were acting negligently or a trucking company somehow played a role in a tragic truck accident, the victims would have grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death suit to recover the costs they incur as a result of their accident.

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