A pickup truck driver was killed in a crash which occurred on Taylorsville Road last week, as reported by whas11.com. According to investigators, the truck was headed in an easterly direction on Taylorsville Road and the driver allegedly failed to notice another vehicle also travelling in an easterly direction which attempted to make a right turn onto S Pope Lick.

At this point, the pickup truck swerved suddenly in order to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of it and instead ended up colliding head on with the dump truck which was travelling west on Taylorsville road. The auto accident occurred midweek and police confirm that it is still under investigation.

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The victim has been identified by the Jefferson County Coroner’s office as 58 year old Sharon Curtsinger. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the vehicle accident itself by responding emergency medical technicians. The official cause of death has been listed as multiple blunt force injuries.

According to profound truck accident lawyers in Louisville, KY, evidence from the investigation report and other sources will play a major role in establishing liability and other legal issues including insurance and a wrongful death lawsuit, if any.

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Wrong Way Driver Crashes into UPS Store

A wrong way driver who crashed into a UPS store has caused so much damage to the building itself that it has now been rendered structurally unsafe and closed for repair, according to courier-journal.com.

The UPS store is located in the intersection between South Shelby Street and East Broadway. Mid-week, a Toyota Tundra truck which was travelling on the wrong side of the road had smashed into the south side of the building.

When law enforcement authorities got to the car accident site, they noticed both the truck and a white Chevrolet Malibu that were involved in the auto accident had come to a stop on the northwest curb.

The owners of the UPS store declared via a Facebook update that none of the employees or customers was in the store at the time of the truck accident and that no one was hurt. Kentucky truck accident attorneys that the driver that caused the auto accident could face multiple charges including property damage and other relevant charges based on available evidence.

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