One of the most famous horticultural display gardens in the world has been forced to close its doors after a tanker truck crashed into its visitor’s center. Several people were injured by the runaway tanker truck, and the building suffered significant property damage. However, it could have been much worse. Tanker trucks generally carry vast amounts of flammable or toxic liquids, such as fuel. In this type of truck accident, even a slight spark or spill could have resulted in catastrophic consequences.

If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania truck accident, you may have the opportunity to file a personal injury claim and receive a substantial settlement. This settlement can cover your medical expenses, your missed wages, and any other damages you might have incurred. Remember, you can file a claim even if you weren’t driving at the time of your accident. As this following accident shows, a tanker truck can come careening through a wall when you least expect it.

Longwood Gardens Forced to Close

Longwood Gardens is considered one of the most renowned horticultural displays in the world, and people from all around the globe come by to visit. The attraction draws people from Altoona, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and other cities across the Keystone State. But those who were recently looking forward to a stroll through these gardens have been forced to make other plans, as Longwood Gardens officially closed its doors to the public on August 1st.

The reason for this closure was a completely unexpected incident involving a tanker truck. The truck smashed straight into the visitor’s center. Staff members near the entrance suffered minor injuries, and the facility itself was damaged. The driver of the truck was transported to a nearby hospital for injuries, and an investigation into the cause of the crash began.

It Could Have Been Much Worse

Very few specific details surrounding this crash have been released. However, we can infer that there was a risk of fire due to the type of emergency response after the crash. The Longwood Fire Company and the Kennett Fire Company both responded to the crash, and authorities reported that there were at least 30 responders at the scene of the incident within a very short period of time.

What Caused the Crash?

Again, very few specific details have been released. In a situation like this, driver negligence is always a concern. How did this driver manager to steer his vehicle directly into the visitor’s center? Could he have been struggling with fatigue? Perhaps intoxication? These are all questions that will undoubtedly be addressed in the course of the official investigation, which began shortly after the crash.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

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