When drivers are not careful and they collide with a much larger truck, the results are often deadly. However, there are special remedies that the civil law provides to a victim’s family if a relative is killed in a motor vehicle accident and they need help with medical and funeral expenses.

A fatal truck accident claimed the life of one woman just outside of Tampa in the town of Brandon, Florida on Interstate 75. 

Woman dies after she collides with a truck while attempting to pass

Authorities believe that the 33 year old female’s car came into contact with a box truck on the highway just north of Fletcher Ave at about 10 am. The Florida Highway Patrol said the victim was likely speeding in a 2001 Chevrolet vehicle when she attempted to pass the truck, but collided with the rear end of the vehicle.  

Immediately following the collision, the woman was taken to Advent Health Hospital. She died there a short time later. The truck driver did not sustain any injuries from the crash. In the hours following the incident, police were able to reopen three of the inside northbound lanes to traffic, but the outer lanes on I-75 were still closed.  

Aerial footage from the accident scene showed multiple vehicles stuck together and debris all over the road. Police did not release any information about others affected by the accident or the extent of their injuries. The total of exactly how many vehicles were involved was also unknown. 

What happens after a fatal accident?

When someone dies, the rules related to a civil lawsuit are slightly different and they are governed by Florida’s wrongful death statute. 

A case brought under the wrongful death law is similar to most other negligence lawsuits filed by personal injury lawyers. However, this law allows certain people, usually a spouse or children, to stand in the place of the deceased person and get compensation for things like medical bills, future lost income and wages, funeral expenses, burial costs, and legal fees related to the administration of the victim’s estate. In cases where the person responsible is also charged criminally for a death, the victim’s family must still bring a separate wrongful death action for financial remedies in civil court, and the outcomes of the lawsuits have no effect on each other.  

How is fault proven? 

In any civil lawsuit, the attorney for the plaintiff must show that the defendant was responsible through a negligent or intentional act. In most cases, things like accident reports and testimony from witnesses at the scene will help establish these facts. The victim’s attorney will also ask for a reasonable amount of compensation based on things like property damage and injuries to cover all of the victim’s losses. In serious accidents, the total value of these losses or damages can be thousands of dollars. However, it is always important to consult with a lawyer before estimating the value of a lawsuit. 

Ask a lawyer in your city for assistance

There are attorneys practicing in the Tampa area who focus on helping victims of truck accidents. Contact a lawyer in your county to learn about how to file a lawsuit and get financial assistance through a settlement or judgment.