It is far more common than it should be for drivers to be operating vehicles without having the appropriate insurance coverage. However, it is rarer to find truck drivers who are uninsured because of how much more expensive truck accidents can be. If a person has been hit by a truck driver who does not have insurance in Florida they do not have to worry because there are so many other parties involved. For instance, a person can seek a settlement from the company which the trucker was working for or from any other third party who could potentially be at fault for the accident.

In the very rare case that no party has the required insurance to cover a person’s losses, they will have to turn to their own insurance company for help. In Florida, insurance companies are required to provide uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage. In many cases, these policies are even enough to cover a pedestrian who was hit by a vehicle.

The good news is that even if a person does not personally have uninsured motorist coverage, they may still be eligible to retrieve it if one of their close family members has it. If the driver who was hit gets an offer of settlement from the uninsured guilty party,  it is essential for them to inform their insurer that they are receiving the settlement. If they fail to inform the insurer, they may lose their ability to benefit from their uninsured motorist coverage plan.

Before making any deals with the insurance company it is best for a person to contact their truck accident lawyer to make sure they are well aware of their rights and that they don’t end up accepting a lower offer then what they are actually eligible for.

Who will cover my medical expenses after the truck accident?

After the collision takes place, it is necessary for the party who is at fault to pay for all the medical bills. This can often be a lengthy process and may cause a person to face a financial dilemma if they are subjected to serious and life-threatening injuries. Naturally, it is best for a person to get their treatment as soon as possible. If their settlement takes a long time to come in, then they may have to suffer from waiting with their injuries or in trying to find a medical professional who is willing to treat them and receive payment later.

A truck accident lawyer will be able to assist a person in getting their settlement faster and even in helping a person find local practitioners who are willing to treat them and receive their compensation on a later date.

Apart from medical bills, a person can also make other claims against the truck driver or the party who is determined to be at fault. They can claim other economic damage such as the loss of their wages and property damage. They can further claim noneconomic damages for the pain and suffering which the collision caused them. If a person’s injury leaves them with permanent scarring or disfigurement, they can get compensated for that as well.