Motor vehicle accidents can result in huge losses for business owners who need to use trucks for commercial purposes. Many times, a civil lawsuit against the person responsible is the only way to get enough money to pay for all of the damage. 

A well known food truck in Tallahassee will no longer be in service after the vehicle was hit by another car and totaled

Food truck business must close down for several months after a car accident 

The incident happened at the intersection of Tennessee Street and White Drive in Tallahassee. Photos of the vehicle showed that the entire front end of the truck was completely destroyed from the impact. The vehicle’s motor was not functioning after the crash, which makes it impossible to use. 

The popular food truck, known as El Criollo Grill, had been serving Puerto Rican food in the north Florida area for the last five years. The owner believes it will be at least a few months before he can begin serving food to the local community again, but he has received a lot of supportive calls and emails after the accident. 

A new truck will need to be custom built, which takes time. The owner also stated that he will likely not have any income at all until he can get his business functioning as normal.  

Making a negligent driver pay for business losses

It is common for cars and trucks to collide with retail storefronts or other commercial spaces. While some business owners have commercial insurance policies that cover these kinds of losses, it is always a good idea to speak with an accident lawyer if you do not receive enough money to make necessary repairs and get operations back to normal. The driver may be forced to pay for things like repairs, lost revenue, and damaged inventory through a civil lawsuit. The case can be filed whether it was another business vehicle or a normal driver who was responsible. 

Will a business lose even more money by having to pay for a lawyer and legal fees?

Almost all civil attorneys help their clients financially by working on a contingent fee rather than a retainer fee. This means that the plaintiff is charged by having to share a percentage of their winnings with the firm after the lawsuit concludes. There is no need to pay a lump sum up front or pay hourly bills when a lawyer is working for a contingent fee. If they accept your case, you will only be billed after they win money on your behalf through a settlement agreement or jury trial. 

This fee structure allows a lawyer to take a case on behalf of struggling business even if they cannot afford to pay for legal services immediately. Retainer fees are generally only used in criminal law and certain other areas of practice. 

Lawyers who can speak to you after a crash are ready to help

If you have been injured by a truck driver anywhere near Tallahassee or other parts of north Florida, it is possible to sue the business or individual at fault. The directory on has a listing of attorneys who can file a civil case on your behalf and get you as much compensation as the law allows.