Semi-truck driver’s job may be impacted by criminal charges in McAllen Texas.

Texas – July 4, 2021 Big trucks and increased fatalities. Forty-Nine Thousand One Hundred and Nineteen people died in fatal crashes involving large trucks on U.S. Roadways in 2019 and 67% of those individuals were occupants of other passenger…

How can driver fatigue cause big rig crash harmful losses in Longview Texas?

Texas – February 26, 2021 Truck size exacerbates driver fatigue dangers. The heavy weight and expansive size of commercial trucks, at up to 80,000 pounds, can cause problems with maneuverability, stopping times in short distances, and the…

What information will truck accident attorneys use to build a winning case in Texas?

Texas – February 19, 2021 When truck accidents occur and personal injury results, an attorney experienced with trucking regulations can help.  They are instrumental in research and case building that can utilize state and federal laws…