Why are Pittsburgh tractor trailer truck accident damages and injuries catastrophic? 

Pennsylvania - October 30, 2020 Truck size.  A tractor-trailer is approximately 65 feet in length and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, causing any type of crash between it and another moving vehicle, stationary object, or…

Connecticut truck drivers may be considered high risk for several reasons

New Haven, CT - Truck drivers have to log long hours and many miles on the highways in Connecticut and the rest of the United States every day. Due to the size and decreased maneuverability of these vehicles, it is certainly possible for drivers…

South Carolina truck accident releases hazardous battery fumes during fire

There are certain businesses who need to transport hazardous materials that become very problematic if there is an accident. When someone is injured during these kinds of accidents, the civil law holds the company responsible to a higher standard…