What factors may support truck accident litigation of Texas roadway collisions?

Texas – August 23, 2021 Truck accidents. Texas truck accidents may occur for a variety of reasons including driver fatigue, lack of truck maintenance, poor roadway conditions, unstable cargo loads, driver error, lack of training, and negative…

Semi-truck driver’s job may be impacted by criminal charges in McAllen Texas.

Texas – July 4, 2021 Big trucks and increased fatalities. Forty-Nine Thousand One Hundred and Nineteen people died in fatal crashes involving large trucks on U.S. Roadways in 2019 and 67% of those individuals were occupants of other passenger…

How does federal law guide commercial truck driver actions against fatigue in Texas?

Texas – February 27, 2021  Truck drivers are susceptible to roadway accidents for many reasons, including maintenance problems, cargo loading problems leading to shift, manufacture defect problems in trucking parts, distracted driving,…