A truck accident between a Boston fire truck and a sports utility vehicle that occurred earlier this week left five people injured, as reported by wcvb.com. Truck accident lawyers in Springfield, MA are paying close attention to this case and are glad it was not worse.

The auto accident occurred between a red colored sports utility vehicle and a fire truck and is reported to have taken place at the intersection between Commonwealth Avenue and Dartmouth Street.

A bystander who witnessed the auto accident commented saying that she heard the bang and that it was a pretty loud bang. Engine no 7, which weighs approximately 30 tons, was supposedly on its way to Boylston Street from where there had been an emergency call reporting smoke. The engine even had its lights and sirens running at the time of the accident.

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Fire truck smashes into ten parked cars in Boston

According to eye witnesses, the driver of the SUV came into the intersection and right into the path off the speeding fire truck which could not avert the collision. It hit the SUV and then swerved and smashed into several cars which were parked along the right side of the roadway. Statements from eye witnesses could play a vital role in establishing liability and other relevant factors say truck accident lawyers in Springfield, MA.

The truck smashed into as many as ten cars according to police. One of the people impacted by the auto accident is Lisa Simmons whose car was totaled by the wreck. However, Simmons did speak to media personnel and said that she will be fine and that she was glad it was not a matter of life and death, but only a car, a possession.

Another lady affected by the crash, Anne Bramhall, received a call notifying her that her Audi had been wrecked in the accident. Bramhall was reached for comment by the press and she stated that her head was spinning a bit and she did not know what to do. All she knows was that she had to get her car fixed, which Massachusetts truck accident lawyer say will evidently be through an insurance claim.

Fortunately no pedestrians were hurt in this truck accident.

She will need legal help perhaps and she should see a doctor. In regards to the legal help, this is where USAttorneys.com comes into the picture. She should not sign any paper work with any insurance company until she has obtained a legal representative. This goes for everyone in the wreck as well, not just her.

Among the five injured, four of them are fire fighters and one is a civilian confirm auto accident investigators. Four of the injured were transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and one was transported to Tuffs Medical Center for treatment.

Thankfully, no pedestrians were close by when the auto accident occurred. Police confirmed that the injuries sustained by the five people are all non life threatening and that they expect them to recuperate soon.

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Truck accident cases can be challenging because they are governed by not only state specific trucking laws, but also by federal trucking laws. These laws are separate from the states auto laws and are especially for trucking operations.

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