A deadly crash involving a sports utility vehicle has killed one person in Kershaw County. South Carolina Highway Patrol authorities are currently investigating the accident that occurred Tuesday night last week, as reported by wach.com.

As per police reports, a single occupant that was driving a 2004 GMC Envoy veered of the road and crashed it on US Highway 1. Investigators suspect that the now deceased driver had veered off his lane and then abruptly over corrected it and ended up ploughing head on into a logging tractor trailer which was travelling in the opposite direction. Soon after the collision the GMC became engulfed in flames. Even the most experienced South Carolina truck accident lawyers are impressed with this furious crash.

Investigators have confirmed that the driver of the logging tractor trailer escaped unscathed. Unfortunately, the GMC driver succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead on the spot by responding emergency medical technicians. His family may want a lawyer anyhow and the best ones in the state are right here.

Update to fatal US highway 1 crash

Concerning the fatal accident between a 2004 GMC Envoy and a logging tractor trailer in South Carolina on US Highway 1, investigators and other local authorities have been able to identify the driver of the GMC who was killed on scene as 46 year old Kenneth Lee Melton. The accident is still under investigation, according to wistv.com.

One person charged in fatal Greenville County truck bed accident

A fatal truck bed accident that occurred on Sunday at the stroke of midnight has killed one person. The crash happened in Greenville County on private property at the security mobile home park, according to a wspa.com report. One person has been charged in the accident and this person will soon be calling a South Carolina truck accident attorney.

Supposedly, a passenger that was travelling in the back of a pickup truck was ejected as the truck drove over a speed breaker and died on scene. The driver of the truck has been identified as 52 year old Francisco Gutierrez who springs from Greenville. Gutierrez was arrested and charged with felony DUI and leaving the scene of a fatal accident in connection with the midnight crash.

Reportedly, Gutierrez sped off after his passenger was ejected and killed. The decedent has been identified by authorities as 52 year old Silvestre Garcia Pina, also a resident of Greenville County.

Interstate 85 crash caused due to distracted drivers according to investigators

There has been a sharp rise in the number of accidents that have occurred on Interstate 85 this year and South Carolina truck accident lawyers and investigators concur in their opinions that most of these accidents have been caused due to distracted driving.

The biggest culprit being texting while driving, which has become a significant problem in recent years and is comes with the same hostility that normally surrounds impaired driving.

Unfortunately, ten people have died this year solely due to the fact that drivers who were busy texting away on their phones did not realize that traffic ahead had slowed down or even stopped and ended up rear ending cars at high rates of speed.

According to leading experts in the field of distracted driving, distracted driving is not exclusively caused due to cell phone usage. Music, food, or conversations within the vehicles are also considered distractions. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident make sure to get in touch with an experienced South Carolina truck accident attorney right away. You may even be entitled to worker’s compensation and pivotal information on that topic can be located here: http://workers-compensation.usattorneys.com/south-carolina/.