Orthopedic injuries are those that affect the musculoskeletal system which includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. These types of injuries can affect your back, shoulders, hands, knees, feet, ankles, or any other area of your body. While it is possible for a person to suffer an orthopedic injury after a fall at home or in a work-related accident, they can also be sustained in a collision with a large truck.

Although orthopedic injuries do vary by severity, any level of pain in your muscles or tendons can interfere with your ability to complete your day to day tasks, go to work, and tend to your family. And if you suffered a more serious injury, such as a broken bone, then getting through each day with an orthopedic injury is only more difficult, not to mention painful, to do. Now, orthopedic injuries do encompass a wide variety of injuries, however, some of the more common types that are often sustained in a truck collision include:


  • Broken bones
  • Muscle strains or ruptures
  • Tendon inflammation, tear, or rupture
  • Ligament sprain or tear

[Source: Total Orthopaedic Care].


And depending on the type of injury you suffered, you might experience some or all of the symptoms listed down below.


  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Headaches
  • Abnormal sensations
  • Restricted range of motion

[Source: Total Orthopaedic Care].


If you suffered an orthopedic injury and are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above or have had to undergo surgery to mend it, you might be wondering whether you are entitled to recover compensation for your pain and suffering as well as your medical expenses.


Am I entitled to recover compensation for the orthopedic injuries I suffered in a truck crash?


If you intend on filing a claim with your insurer or that of the other party, you may be entitled to recover compensation that will help pay for the medical care you had or will need to have rendered to mend your orthopedic injury. However, if you or the other driver do not have adequate insurance coverage or the company is offering you a settlement far below what you think you are entitled to, then you may wish to contact a Suffolk County, NY truck accident lawyer to find out more about filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Typically, insurance companies will pay for medical bills and property damage and you can only collect up to the limits the insured has purchased given your damages warrant the payout. While trucking companies, given you are filing a claim through their insurer, are required to carry higher limits than the average driver, it doesn’t mean their insurer is going to pay you what you are due. In many cases, Suffolk County, NY truck accident lawyers are brought in to resolve disputes that have arisen between a claimant and the insurer as a result of the carrier not wanting to fairly compensate the victim.

So, to ensure you are compensated for the damages you suffered, it is recommended that you contact Suffolk County, NY truck accident attorney Jeremy Schiowitz to schedule a consultation. Upon meeting with a lawyer, you might consider inquiring what your case is worth and what the best course of action is that you should take so that you obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are eligible to receive.


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