It was January 29th when 43-year-old Bobby Bibbles, a resident of Saginaw, Texas, was conducting a transaction at a stand-alone ATM near North Saginaw Boulevard. While sitting at the ATM has never really been dangerous aside from someone trying to steal your money, this recent accident may have you on the lookout the next time you pull through to conduct your next transaction at the ATM. Unfortunately, while Bibbles was sitting in his parked vehicle at the ATM, the unexpected occurred.

A white Ford F250, driven by 25-year-old Harrell, spun out of control on the street and crossed over into the southbound lanes. The truck then left the roadway and went into the parking serving businesses. One of those businesses happened to be the bank where Bibbles was parked at the ATM. Star-Telegram reported that the “truck hit the back of Bibbles’ parked gray Chrysler 300 and he was ejected on impact.”  His vehicle continued to move and crashed into two vehicles with “For Sale” signs. Thankfully, those two vehicles were not occupied.

Unfortunately, the intense impact caused Bibbles to die at the scene. Harrell was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital but pronounced dead a short time later. Officials did state that they would be conducting an investigation to determine what caused Harrell’s truck to divert from the roadway.

The truth is, we cannot control the actions of others and no matter how much emphasis is placed on practicing safe driving, some individuals continue to drive recklessly without thinking about who they might affect. Sadly, Harrell is no longer alive to reap the repercussions for his actions, but then again, neither in Bibbles, an innocent man who was simply parked at the ATM attempting to conduct a bank transaction.

Valley Central reported another tragic accident that recently transpired in Texas involving a motorcyclist and a small box truck. 20-year-old Kevin Chavana was traveling southbound on his motorcycle when a small truck pulled out of a private drive to turn north and hit him. Mission police responded to the call and the motorcyclist was taken to a local hospital. Sadly, he didn’t survive the accident even though he was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.


What do both of these truck accidents have in common?


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Both accidents appear to have been preventable. In the first accident, although the news source couldn’t provide details on why the pickup truck went off the road, there is a high chance the driver may have been distracted or drunk. In the second accident, the truck driver may have failed to look multiple times before attempting to pull out of the private drive that was likely difficult for drivers to see.

The fact is, many accidents can be prevented if only drivers would be more careful in how they operate their vehicles. And if you or a loved one has been harmed in a truck accident caused by a negligent driver, just know you do have rights as a victim. Want to know what these rights are? All you need to do is contact a local McAllen, TX truck accident lawyer who will be glad to explain this to you. Then you can determine how you want to proceed on so that you are properly compensated for your injuries.