Bellevue, WA- A Seattle woman was killed last week after her vehicle broke down and she was struck by an oncoming semi- truck on 1-405 in Bellevue.

Last Monday, Alea S. Price, 24, called 911 and her boyfriend when her car became disabled in the left middle lane of 1-405 around 4:30 a.m. Price told police and her boyfriend that she hit a deer and couldn’t mover her car.

While Price sat in her vehicle waiting for someone to arrive, she was struck by an oncoming semi. Her vehicle was pushed off the shoulder, according to the Seattle Times.

Her boyfriend arrived just moments after the collision and police has already been dispatched to her location, but they were too late; Price was killed instantly.

Investigators are not certain that Price hit a deer, but they said the front of her vehicle was damaged. They said she was wearing her seat belt, but are unsure if her headlights were on.

The driver of the truck was questioned, but has not been charged since there appears be no negligence on his part.

This accident raises the question: Should Price have exited her vehicle or stayed in it, especially on a busy freeway?

Trooper Chris Webb told King 5 news he would have exited the vehicle and put her hazard lights on, but that can sometimes be impossible on a busy freeway so it really depends on the highway conditions.

Price’s vehicle became disabled at a time when traffic may have been lighter, but moving faster than normal. It takes a great deal of distance for a large, fast moving vehicle, like a semi, to come to a stop. Price would have also had to cross a few lanes of traffic in the dark before reaching the safety of the shoulder.

When a car is disabled times of heavier and slower moving traffic, vehicle occupants may fare much better inside their vehicles than trying to cross several lanes of traffic.

Even though the truck driver in this particular accident was not shown to be negligent, there are many collisions which can be attributed directly to the negligence of a semi driver.

Speeding, fatigue and distraction are the most common causes of semi-truck accidents. Faulty brakes and other failing equipment are also leading causes of serious or deadly truck accidents.

Some truck accidents which are caused by external circumstances such as inclement weather or other careless drivers cannot be avoided. But if an injurious or fatal accident is caused by the carelessness of a semi driver, the victims or the families of the deceased have the right to seek compensation.

Truck accident victims often suffer serious injuries that may require extensive recovery periods or end up leaving them permanently disabled. With the help of a truck accident attorney, injury victims will be able to recover the costs of their medical care, lost wages and additional funds to cover their future costs should they have the misfortune of being disabled.