Bergen County, NJ- Being involved in any type of truck accident is terrifying, and you as the victim may not be certain what to do next. If you or a loved one is hurt you need take certain steps to assure your rights are respected and you are fairly compensated for your injuries. You be feeling stressed out and find it difficult to focus on anything but if these tips will help you should you have the misfortune of being in a New Jersey truck accident.

Even if the accident is minor, you as the victim should never leave the scene. It is possible that you have injuries that won’t immediately manifest and you will have missed the opportunity to obtain pertinent information if you plan on filing an injury claim. If you cause an accident, there are legal consequences for leaving the scene. Regardless of whether you are the victim and are seriously injured or the negligent driver you need to stay at the accident scene until police dismiss you.

If the accident was minor then you need to notify the police. Whenever you are involved in any type of traffic accident you need to call the police. Sometimes at-fault drivers will try and convince you that police don’t need to be involved; they are usually trying to avoid a violation and points on their driver’s license. Don’t make this mistake, accident reports are critical and your New Jersey truck accident attorney will need this information if you are seeking compensation from the truck driver or their trucking company.

It is important to get immediate medical care even if you believe you have not suffered any major injury. As I said before, you could have injuries that you don’t notice immediately such as a brain injury or internal bleeding. These injuries and others can go undetected and the victim may not seek medical attention until their symptoms have worsened or in extreme cases the victim dies. When you see doctor describe the events of the accident and tell them about any symptoms you are experiencing however minor you might think they are.

Not only do you need to get the name and contact information of the truck driver and their trucking company, but you should also get the names and numbers of any person who witnessed your accident. This information can be invaluable when you file and personal injury or wrongful death suit.

If you are able, photograph the accident scene. These photographs can prove to be valuable to you injury suit. If you are unable to take pictures of the scene, enlist the assistance of a Bergen County truck accident attorney or have a friend or family member take photos of the scene before it is cleaned up. Picture of accident scenes can give insight into the cause of an accident and help prove which party or parities were negligent.

Always report the accident to your insurer even if you aren’t filing a claim. This is important since failing to report an accident to your insurer could result in denial of coverage down the road or cause them to drop your policy. But don’t give them give them any information until you have sought the advice of a Bergen County truck accident attorney.

Contact a truck accident attorney. Truck accidents are vastly different than other traffic accidents. Multiple parties can be responsible for your injuries and it takes someone well-versed in these accidents to determine the cause and which parties are accountable.