According to the NHTSA, in 2015, the number of traffic fatalities in Maryland increased to 520, an increase of 77 fatalities over the previous year. There was a 35% increase in fatalities related to commercial vehicles while many have been left injured.

This goes against what the industry has been telling us. All these new safety features in cars and trucks, how is this happening? Perhaps distracted driving and gadgets have something to do with it. The debate rages on.

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The average cost of a commercial truck accident is a staggering $59,150. If you happen to be the victim of a negligently caused truck accident, the damages you incur may be around that figure or may even be more.

However, with the help of a legal professional you will be able to recover these damages by seeking compensatory awards through a civil lawsuit provided that you file the lawsuit within the statute of limitations and you are able to prove the claims within the lawsuit.

Remarkable truck accident lawyers in Birmingham, AL, and the best in the business in this part of the country is Morris Bart and this is not for anyone reason but you can say their integrity is impeccable and their work ethic is splendid, highlight the steps involved in filing, following up with and concluding a civil truck accident lawsuit.

Initial steps in a civil lawsuit

According to the NHTSA, around 70% of truck accidents do not result in death and that around 130,000 people suffer injuries as a result of truck accidents every year on average. Therefore, the civil lawsuit that you file may depend on what exactly transpired in the truck accident and thus it could be a personal injury lawsuit, a property damage lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit or even a combination of one or more of these.

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Your legal representative will be able to determine exactly which civil lawsuit is applicable in your case and will be able to assist in not only filing this lawsuit but will also navigate you through all the steps involved.

To start with, the first step will generally include the filing of a complaint accompanied by a summons. This will be in the form of legal documentation which outlays the facts and details of the case and serves to notify the defendant or defendants as to who the plaintiff or plaintiffs are. It will also specify the time frame within which the defendant is expected to respond officially.

Once this is done, the defendant will send you a response which lists the portions of the complaint that the defendant takes responsibility for, if any, and what portions they deny, if any. In some cases, the defendant may also respond with a counter claim or a motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s claim.

Discovery and resolution of the case

The next step will be that of discovery where you will write to the defendant asking for them to preserve all data and information relevant to the accident and they will be legally obligated to.

If disputes arise during the process of discovery, parties generally introduce motions to resolve them and this seems to be increasing since the amount of truck accidents itself is increasing. What is the answer? It is amazing more people do not pay more attention when driving considering what is at stake? Air bags and other safety features have too many people psyched out, they believe they are invincible on the road. Not quite!

Eventually, a resolution may come as a result of an out of court settlement or a court trial. In either case, you will most certainly need the professional expertise of a truck accident lawyer in Alabama such as Morris Bart in order to either ensure that you receive a fair settlement (in case of an out of court settlement) or that you win your lawsuit (in case the case goes to trial). Talk to Morris Bart today for a thorough evaluation of your claim.

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