A fatal crash involving a truck recently lead to one man losing his life and further caused a fire that engulfed both vehicles in Essex County, NJ. This catastrophic truck accident was not just tragic for the family members of the man who lost his life, but it was also traumatizing to witness for all those who were driving by or those who were stuck at the scene of the collision due to a hold up of traffic.

It can be very unsettling to witness such a serious collision, even if a person is not directly hurt by the accident. If a person witnesses an accident, they do not have a legal obligation to appear as a witness at court. However, if a person wants to help, they should call the ambulance or police to inform them of what happened, especially if the accident was a serious one that results in traffic blockage or other dangerous obstructions in the road such as the fire caused by the truck accident mentioned above.

Witnesses who are stuck at the site of the collision should make sure they get to a safe place until the police come to clear up the wreck. It may be tempting to try and help others get out of the wreckage, but a person should avoid physically touching anyone who appears to be injured. Sometimes, touching a person can end up aggravating their wounds and this should be left to the professionals, so no one is further hurt unnecessarily.

If a person was present at the site of the collision, then there are high chances police officers will question them about what they witnessed. A person can choose to say what they saw or choose to remain silent. If a person chooses to say what happened, they should make sure they stick to the facts and not let their emotions carry them away, as is common after witnessing such a traumatic event.

Deciding compensation after a truck accident in Essex County, New Jersey

For every truck accident, an investigation will have to be conducted to see what caused the collision. If the smaller vehicle driver was breaking traffic rules or driving too fast, they can be held accountable. If the truck driver was at fault for stopping abruptly or distracted driving, then they will be responsible for providing compensation to the victims.

In any accident case, the family of the deceased may be eligible to get some compensation and they should connect with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine the best legal route to pursue so fair compensation is given.

Anyone who gets into a truck accident or loses someone they love due to such a collision should reach out to a qualified truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to get help with the legal process.

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