Defensive driving could save your life on the highway.

Winston-Salem, NC- It would probably make truckers and motorists feel safer if they didn’t have to share the road with one another. But they must, and since they have little choice, drivers can follow a few steps to ensure they are never hurt in a commercial truck collision. That is what our team of truck accident lawyers in Winston-Salem would like to discuss four steps you can take to avoid being in collision with a 40-ton truck.

Distance will keep you safe- Of course, you can’t always put a lot of distance between you and semi, tanker or other large truck, but you should when it’s possible. If you are in front of a truck, you should know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that it takes a fully-loaded truck traveling at highway speeds about 250 ft. to come to a complete stop. Keeping that much distance between your auto and a commercial truck will keep from being rear-ended, as will making certain that if you don’t cut one of these heavy vehicles off. When you need to get in front of a commercial truck, make sure you have plenty of room.

Be aware of a truck’s blind spots- Truck drivers have smaller fields of vision than passenger vehicle motorists. When you are traveling near a commercial truck avoid their blind spots which are usually one either side or right behind a truck. Many commercial trucks have blind spot warnings on the rear and on each side, so look for those when you are sharing the road with a truck.You can visit the Utah DOT website and look at an illustration of the blind spot of tractor-trailers.

A truck accident can leave a victim with devastating and costly injuries.

Don’t violate traffic laws- Many North Carolinians don’t take traffic laws seriously, but they exist to ensure all motorists get to their destination safely and aren’t involved in a devastating collision. Motorists should travel at the posted speed limit, keep a good distance between themselves and other vehicles, use turn signals and buckle up.

Learn how to drive defensively- In their Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations Manual, the National Safety Council describes defensive driving as “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” To be a good defensive driver, you must obey traffic laws (like we said above), be aware of the car, trucks, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists sharing the road with you. You must also realize when road conditions call for you to adjust your driving habits.

Following the above tips can help you avoid being in an accident with a semi or other large truck. Even though you can control your driving habits, you can’t control how others drive. If you are in a truck accident, let USAttorneys get you in touch with a truck accident attorney near you in Winston-Salem to work on your claim. We recommend you contact the Law Office of Gayle Goldsmith Tuch, P.C. to set up a case evaluation. You can reach her office by visiting her website or calling toll-free at 1-888-341-2084.

If you need a truck accident lawyer in Winston-Salem, we recommend you contact personal injury lawyer Gayle Goldsmith Tuch and learn about your case.

If you need a truck accident lawyer in Winston-Salem, we recommend you contact personal injury lawyer Gayle Goldsmith Tuch and learn about your case.