Trucking can be a dangerous business, and sometimes even the government has to deal with the losses created by a negligent driver. In most cases, a civil lawsuit will be necessary for the victim to receive the proper amount of compensation to make repairs or remedy other losses. 

A large truck collided with a highway overpass in St. Petersburg Florida, and law enforcement had to shut down several roads in the area. 

Truck driver hits interstate overpass when attempting to drive underneath

The incident began when a large truck was travelling through downtown St. Petersburg near 6th Street South. When the vehicle attempted to go under the Interstate 175 overpass, it collided with the road above. While the eastbound lanes of I-175 remained open, a section of 6th Street and other roads in the area had to remain closed for some time while the debris was cleared.  

After the impact, local police noted that some concrete had been displaced and fallen onto the ground below. Multiple beams on the bridge also needed to be replaced by construction crews. 

The Florida Department of Transportation stated that they would check the structural integrity of the bridge before it can be reopened to the public and used as normal. 

Suing a trucking company for the property damage

It is possible that the trucking company may have to pay for the damage caused to government property. An incident such as this is a fairly clear case of negligence, where the driver was not responsible for their vehicle or was improperly trained regarding the clearance of the truck. In either case, the employer will be responsible for the driver’s mistakes and they will have to pay any victims in a lawsuit related to this damage. 

The process to get payments for repairs

When a business or other entity has a relevant insurance policy, it is advisable to file a claim to determine if the damage will be covered. Depending on the specific policy type and losses, the insurance company may pay out the policy holder. In some cases, even after the claim is paid out to the victim, the insurance provider may use their own lawyers to sue the person responsible to recoup their losses. Records from law enforcement at the scene may also become crucial pieces of information in the case. 

Cases that involve injuries to drivers or pedestrians

It is certainly possible that an accident like this could cause serious injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, or workers nearby. In those situations, personal injury lawyers who focus on truck collisions can file a lawsuit the lists the specific losses that the plaintiff has suffered. Normally, this would include things like treatment at a hospital and lost wages if the person cannot work for a certain period of time after the accident. At the conclusion of a lawsuit, there will either be a settlement agreement or an order by a judge in place that details the exact amount that must be paid to the victim. 

Talk to a lawyer after an incident in your area

You can use the directory located on to find a lawyer who handles truck accident cases for local clients in the St. Petersburg area. Many of the attorneys listed on the site will provide a free consultation to answer questions about lawsuits.