Drivers who are hit by larger commercial vehicles like trucks, or public transportation such as city buses can file a lawsuit under Missouri law, even if they are partially at fault. It is always best to speak with a lawyer who deals with truck crashes on a regular basis to have the best chance of winning your case.   

A FedEx truck collided with multiple vehicles causing several injuries in north St. Louis on a Tuesday at mid-day. 

Metro Bus, FedEx Truck, and car all sustain damage in St. Louis 

Police believe that the passenger car, public Metro Bus, and FedEx tractor trailer all went into each other at the intersection of West Florissant Ave and Clarence Ave. This was near the O’Fallon neighborhood. 

Reports from the scene say the car appeared to be much more heavily damaged than the larger vehicles involved. Six people needed to be transported from the scene to local hospitals for treatment. Police did not release any other information regarding the cause of the accident or the identities of the people involved. 

Figuring out fault when multiple parties are affected by a crash

When multiple motor vehicles are involved in a collision, it may be possible to divide fault between all of the drivers in the accident. Every state has negligence laws on the books that dictate how juries can decide fault in an accident, and award respective damages at the conclusion of a trial. 

Plaintiffs in Missouri are helped by the fact that the state has adopted the comparative negligence regime. This means that even if they are partially at fault for an accident, they will be able to collect damages that are reduced only by their level of fault, rather than being prevented from getting any money at all. Fault can be divided between everyone involved to equal one hundred percent. 

States that have adopted comparative negligence have generally done so to replace an older doctrine called contributory negligence, where a slight amount of fault by the plaintiff would completely prevent them from collecting anything from the defendant. This rule has been abolished and replaced with the comparative negligence doctrine or other similar rules in most places around the country.  

Why is a lawsuit necessary? 

When accidents involve serious property damage and injuries that require long term care, an insurance claim will generally not pay victims enough for their medical bills and related expenses. While it is important to contact your insurance company immediately after an accident, you may require additional help from a lawyer as well. An injury attorney can essentially ask for as large of an amount as is necessary to cover the victim’s costs. Some businesses that own commercial vehicles may also choose to make a settlement agreement rather than risk losing thousands or millions of dollars at trial if the plaintiff was hurt badly and cannot function as normal. 

Speak with a lawyer who focuses on truck accident cases in Missouri

There are attorneys practicing in the St. Louis area who are available to answer your questions after an incident involving a truck or other commercial vehicles. These lawyers can provide a consultation where they answer your questions and discuss the procedure to file a lawsuit, or take other measures based on the specific facts surrounding your accident.