Truck accidents kill on average 4,000 Americans every year and leave thousands more injured. In 2014, out of 428 fatal crashes, large trucks were involved in as many as 24 fatal crashes, according to statistics from the NHTSA.

If you happen to be a victim of a truck accident caused due to the sheer negligence of the trucking company or the truck driver, then you may be eligible to receive compensation for damages. According to legal representatives in Springfield, MA that can be found on the judicious and awesome website, you have the right to receive financial compensation to make up for economic and non-economic damages you have been afflicted with as a result of the auto accident.

We all have to watch out for trucks, certainly ones that are moving! If you need legal assistance in a truck accident manner, can help you achieve this.

Damages that are usually claimed in a truck accident case

Legal counselors explain that these damages usually include but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical expenses (past, present, and future) that are a direct consequence of your truck accident.
  • Permanent disfigurement due to the accident.
  • Emotional distress caused by the auto accident.
  • The expenses involved in repairing/servicing your vehicle and/or any other property that was damaged in the truck accident.
  • The expenses of employing a caretaker or housekeeper to do all of the chores that you can no longer perform like you used to be able to do.
  • Loss of past, present, and future wages (or ability to earn income)
  • Legal expenses.

Truck accident legislation  

Trucking operations and truck related accidents are not only governed by state specific laws but are also subject to federal laws drafted and enforced by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMSCA). Therefore, it is rather complicated to file a lawsuit, prove the truck driver’s and/or trucking company’s negligence, and receive compensatory damages. Anyone seeking damages will need the professional services of a tremendous and competent legal expert.

Hit by a truck driver? Do not think you can fool the system, you need legal help. Know your limitations and do not sign anything with any insurance rep until you have a legal counselor working with you on this case.

There are certain rules that trucking companies are supposed to follow, and legal pros are well aware of these laws and have the experience to identify which rules were violated. This helps them establish that the trucking operator and/or truck driver was in fact negligent in causing the truck accident and are therefore also liable for the damages.

For the most part, trucks are large vehicles that weigh tens of thousands of pounds. This coupled with the fact that they are usually employed to haul payloads that also weight thousands of tons makes truck accidents disastrous and often fatal. The numbers are not really pleasant either. In 2012, there was over 500,000 big truck and business vehicle crashes according to Ryder. That is nothing to write home about in a proud manner.

When someone dies as a result of a truck accident, state and federal prosecutors will look into the accident and file charges accordingly. However, if you were also involved and were injured in the same accident, you will also need to individually file a civil lawsuit to receive damages. You will not be awarded damages automatically if the state/federal prosecution proves the trucking company’s negligence, but this fact will most certainly also help in your truck accident lawsuit.

A lawyer who specializes in trucking laws will prove most valuable in fighting your case and making sure you receive every penny of the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Remember, you may be approached and coaxed into a settlement by insurance adjustors representing the trucking company. That offer is not likely to cover your present and future expense. Therefore, make sure to consult a Massachusetts truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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