Spring has arrived which means it is time for you to reflect on how the weather change will impact your ability to drive. According to Trucking Safety, you are going to need a different set of skills for spring truck driving than you would use for winter driving which is why we are sharing some tips below that can help keep you safe this spring season. After all, the last thing you need is to be involved in a truck collision.


  1. Be prepared for heavy winds and be cautious when they are present. Aside from having to worry about blowing over, especially if you travel at a high rate of speed, you also don’t want to forget that high winds could cause your truck to veer off to the side of the road and even lose traction when roadways are slick. Your best bet is to drive attentively and aggressively when these weather conditions are present, whether you are operating a lighter trailer or a heavier trailer, as both have the ability to blow over.


  1. Be on the lookout for more animals as many are seeking vegetation and attempting to dart across the roadways to find it. When a wild animal darts in front of your truck, consider gently pressing your brakes and gripping your wheel tightly. You will want to avoid swerving out of your lane as other vehicles might be riding right next to you and you don’t want to make any abrupt maneuvers as this could cause your truck to flip. Not only would this put you at risk of sustaining some pretty serious injuries, but it could potentially cause the goods you were transporting to become ruined.


  1. Check the condition of your tires. Be sure your tires are in good shape for the warmer weather that lies ahead and examine them to determine if they are deteriorating. Remember that when weather conditions change from cold to warm and vice versa, your tire pressure might drop, and they may need air as we transition into the spring season.

    As a commercial truck driver, you need to be sure that the tires you are traveling on are in good shape and can handle the long trips that lie ahead. Because we are transitioning from cooler temperatures to warmer weather, you need to be certain that you inspect your tires frequently.


Although we can begin to expect warmer temperatures and sunnier skies in Jackson, OH, that doesn’t mean we won’t experience intermittent snowfall during the first few weeks of this season. So, as a truck driver who spends a significant amount of time on the road, remember that you may still be required to implement some winter safety tips when these conditions arise.


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