Truck collisionMobile, AL- During the Operation Safe Driver, an annual safety initiative conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, 59,080 truck drivers and passenger-vehicle motorists were pulled over by law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada to determine which potentially hazardous behaviors both commercial and non-commercial engage in while on the road.

Officers made contact with 19,980 commercial vehicle drivers and 39,100 passenger vehicle motorists and issued numerous traffic warnings and citations, according to the CVSA press release.

For passenger vehicle motorists, the most common traffic violation was speeding with officers issuing tickets to 52.8 percent of those motorists. In contrast, only 5.8 percent of commercial truck drivers were cited for speeding.

Even so, speeding remains one of the five top warnings handed out to commercial truck drivers and has the potential to be deadly if they are involved in an accident. Other common citations included failure to use a safety belts, failure to obey traffic control devices, improper lane change and following too closely.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration it takes an estimated 250 feet for a truck traveling at 60 mph to come to a complete stop. When a truck driver exceeds that speed or follows too closely to another vehicle, they could cause an accident that can change a person’s life for the worst.

The top five warnings issued to passenger vehicle motorist included speeding, failure to use a seat belt, failure to obey a traffic control device, possession, use or driving under the influence of alcohol and improper lane change, according to the CVSA press release.

On the road, all motorists, whether in command of a commercial truck or a passenger, have a duty to ensure their actions don’t cause harm to others. While it is true that the majority of truck accidents can be attributed to the actions of a passenger vehicle motorist, this initiative shows that there are some truck drivers willing to takes risks that endanger others. And those risks can lead to severe accident.

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