Truck Accident - Over Hard - www.TruckAccidentAttorneysNow.orgChattanooga, TN- A recent study concluded that tire blowouts and accidents involving commercial trucks are not caused by faulty tires. Instead, truck drivers are traveling in excess of tire manufacturers’ recommended speed of 75 mph.

Last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded a probe into Michelin tires which were suspected of being faulty and causing major truck accidents. Complaints alleged that Michelin tires were causing drivers to lose control. In some incidents drivers had been involved truck crashes.

The NHTSA began a probe of Michelin tires and found there wasn’t a problem with the tires, the problem is with truck drivers. The Seattle Times reports that all the majority of truck tires are manufactured for a maximum sustained speed of 75 mph or less. But in recent years, over a dozen states, Texas included, have raised highway speed limits without consulting with the tire manufacturers.

According to the Times, driving in excess of a manufacturers recommendations for a sustained period of time leads to excessive which in turn damages the rubber of a tire. Simply put, the tires used on the majority of tractor-trailers in the U.S. are not suited for traveling at the speeds many motorist reach on the highway.

The NHTSA found that in nearly all of the 16 incidents involving failed tires they investigated were the fault of the truck driver.

While tire blowouts account for a small percentage of truck accidents, it is still an issue that needs to be addressed. The NHTSA recommends all commercial trucks be outfitted with devices that limit the speed truck drivers can go, but that proposal has been tied up in bureaucratic wrangling for years. Another solution would be for tire manufacturers to re-design tires to tolerate higher speeds, a move that truck manufacturers are reluctant to do because of cost.

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Truck accidents differ from car accidents since a number of factors could be at play. For instance, if an accident was caused by a tire blowout, then the truck driver could be at fault if they were speeding. If a truck company failed to replace or repair a defective tire and an accident results, they too can be held liable for any injuries or deaths that follow. In order for you to get every cent of compensation you are entitled to you need a Tennessee attorney working on your injury or wrongful death claim.

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