Waco, TX- There is an average of 500,000 commercial truck accidents in the U.S. each year, and those accidents have countless causes. Mechanical issues, inclement weather and are common, so is driver error on the part of truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists. One of the errors common for both is speeding, and the resulting accidents can be catastrophic and often lethal.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Fatal Causation Study of 2003, driving above the speed limit caused one in four fatal accidents. That equates to a thousand preventable traffic deaths each year.

Speed is one of those behaviors that so many motorists—car, truck, motorcycle or otherwise—don’t think twice about. So many of us speed without noticing and have the good luck of avoiding accidents, but there is always the chance that speeding can lead to tragedy. That typically rings true with commercial truck accidents.

The average weight of a commercial truck is 80,000 lbs., which means the impact created by speeding truck is extremely destructive. It takes a large truck — be it a tractor-trailer, a tanker, a car carrier or log truck—that is traveling at 60 mph an average of 250 feet to come to a complete stop, according to the NHTSA. Many deadly truck accidents are caused by a speeding truck driver who couldn’t stop in time and ended up colliding with one or more vehicles.

A commercial truck is also more likely to jackknife and or tip over if they are traveling at high speeds. A tire blow-out or other disabling mechanical issue at a high speed can be impossible for even an experienced driver to recover from and avoid losing control. Speed is going to make the force of any crash more intense and, consequently, more damaging.

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Truck accident victims encounter numerous hurdles when trying to obtain a generous settlement for their accident. They usually have to fight insurers, trucking companies and legal reps from both to recover any compensation which is why they need someone on their side who knows the rules of the game.

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