Speed is a factor in one-fourth of fatal car and truck accidents.

Hartford, CT- Safety advocates are worried that the incoming Trump administration could block a rule that would require speed limiters on new commercial trucks.

After several years of lobbying, trucking safety advocates finally convinced the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to limit the speed of commercial trucks, but the rule that was announced earlier this year. Under the rule, newly manufactured trucks would have equipment installed that limits the maximum speed of commercial trucks to a maximum of 68 mph.

The FMCSA and advocates say that speed limiters could save 1,115 lives each year. Lowering the speed of a commercial truck will limit the severity of impact and therefore lead to fewer deaths and injuries.

Trump promised on the campaign trail that every time a new regulation is enacted two will be overturned and advocates worry trucking safety regulations will be on the chopping block including the speed limiter rule. While Trump has already backtracked on several of his campaign promises, many agree he is likely to stand by his vow to eliminate as many regulations as possible.

It is easy for a truck driver who is speeding to lose control of their vehicle and jackknife or overturn.

The American Trucking Association, the largest in the nation, are behind the rule, but some in the trucking industry object to it. Independent operators say that regulators are ignoring the dangers of cars and commercial trucks traveling at such varied speeds, the AP reports.

The Associated Press said they reached out to the Trump transition team to see if they would roll back the speed limiter rule but they wouldn’t comment saying their focus is on picking the President-elect’s cabinet.

Unfortunately, truck drivers and motorists ignore the dangers of speeding. Everyone thinks they can handle it, but it is very easy to lose control of a vehicle when traveling at a high rate of speed. In a commercial truck, speed can make an accident more likely if there is an underlying mechanical issue or a truck must stop quickly.

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If you are injured by a speeding truck, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.