The wife of longtime Fort Myers Country Club director of golf, Rich Lamb, was recently involved in a serious head-on car crash that left her with multiple fractures and a long road to recovery. News-Press reported on the incident that occurred on Alligator Alley last week. According to the source, Karen Lamb, 53, had been heading to Fort Lauderdale to pick up her husband from Cleveland Clinic who had just undergone a procedure with a gastroenterologist and was hospitalized for a few days.

Unfortunately, it was during this trip that Karen Lamb’s vehicle was struck by a driver that crossed the median.

A couple who had been riding by the area at the time of the incident stopped to help get Karen Lamb out of her car and into the grass away from the road. First responders later arrived and contacted Mr. Lamb notifying him that his wife had been involved in a wreck. While the Florida state trooper who called Lamb said that his wife’s injuries didn’t appear to be life-threatening, the accident did leave her severely injured. Mrs. Lamb not only suffered two broken ankles which required two rods to be inserted into each, but she also broke two ribs and suffered cracks in two vertebrae in her lower back.

Mrs. Lamb also had to undergo surgery as she suffered internal bleeding. Although his wife was expected to return home last weekend, she is looking at having to spend at least eight to 10 weeks with casts on both legs and will need to go to rehab after that. When Karen Lamb recounted the unfortunate incident that landed her in the hospital, she said “It was the most incredible thing. They were right in front of me before I could say anything.”


Retaining Legal Aid After a Serious Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale, FL


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