Florence, SC- A South Carolina resident may just have a guardian angel watching over him since he miraculously escaped serious injury and death after his truck was partially run over by a tractor-trailer and became trapped.

The incident occurred on September 12th in Florence on US Highway 25 around 3 p.m. The exact details if the accident are limited, but it appears as though a tractor-trailer partially ran-over a SUV, crushing the vehicle and trapping the driver and lone passenger underneath.



It took only 10 minutes for Florence County emergency crews to free the trapped man from the crumpled wreckage of his truck. And to everyone’s surprise, the suffered “non-life-threatening” injuries, according to WMBF.

The trapped person was flown to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police are still trying to determine the cause of this accident.

This accident could have been much worse and in many cases the outcome of similar accidents are far more tragic, often leading to death or devastating injuries.

These types of accidents, ones in which a vehicle slides underneath a tractor-trailer usually gives rise to questions about whether the nation’s fleet of commercial trucks should have underride guards on the side and well as the back. Currently under federal regulations all tractor-trailers are required to have underride guards on the rear of the truck in an effort to keep cars from sliding underneath the rear of tractor-trailers.

Recently, the NHTSA suggested side underride guards be employed by the trucking industry and put on all trucks in the road, but encountered pushback from the trucking industry. Ted Scott, director of engineering for the American Trucking Associations, Inc., said that accidents in which a vehicle goes under a big rig is typically caused by “cars crashing into trucks,” according to Trucking Info. Scott believes that side underride guards are the solution, giving motorists crash-avoidance technology is the better solution.

Even when tractor-trailer is mechanically sound and has the best safety equipment we cannot totally eliminate truck accidents altogether. There will always be someone who acts dangerously and carelessly. The majority of the truck drivers place theirs and the safety of others above all else, but that isn’t the case for all drivers. The negligent and reckless ones give all truckers and the industry as a whole a bad name.

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