The state police responded to an accident scene where they found that a driver had died after his tow truck crashed in Newberry County, South Carolina. 

Tow truck driver is killed after hitting a tree

The South Carolina Highway Patrol received an emergency call at about 4:15 pm on a Tuesday to respond to Interstate Highway 26 East. Officers on the scene believe that around mile markers 79 and 80, the driver drifted into the right shoulder and hit a car that was parked in the emergency lane. After this first crash with the parked car, the tow truck went off of the road and hit a tree nearby. This second impact with the tree caused the driver to be ejected from the vehicle. His body was found near mile marker 79. 

The Newberry County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as a 28 year old male from the town of Goose Creek. They said that he had not been wearing a seatbelt while driving or at the time of the crash, and died upon impact. The South Carolina Highway Patrol and Newberry County Coroner would continue with a full investigation.  

No information was given regarding whether the parked vehicle was occupied or anyone else was injured. 

Accidents while working for a trucking or transportation company

Trucking occupations are fairly dangerous because of the sheer amount of time that drivers spend on the road operating large vehicles. Accidents that involve these big trucks tend to cause large amounts of property damage, serious injuries, or even death. Businesses that routinely send drivers on the highways for hundreds or thousands of miles at a time often have robust insurance policies for fleets of vehicles due to the high risk associated with these activities. However, insurance will usually only cover certain losses, and it is not a perfect solution for every accident.

Civil injury lawsuits

Whether you work for a trucking company and were hurt while working, or you have been hit by a truck driver while on the roads, it is important to take legal action. The person or business responsible for your losses can be made to pay for all of these damages through a civil lawsuit. This is especially important for critical injuries that require long term care or other high cost types of treatment. A consultation with a lawyer is a good way to start and learn about the possible value of your accident. 

Personal injury attorneys in the Columbia area

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