A truck crash in Chester County, South Carolina resulted in the death of the driver after his vehicle fell off of the road surface.

Pickup truck driver drifts off of the road and his vehicle flips

A master trooper with the South Carolina Highway Patrol responded to the area of Great Falls on S.C. 97 in southern Chester County on a Thursday afternoon. The police found an overturned pickup truck that apparently went off of the left side of the road, hit a sign, then flipped over as it went down an embankment. The victim was not wearing his seat belt in his 2007 Chevy Silverado, and he was ejected from the vehicle due to the force of the impact. He was pronounced dead by medical personnel shortly after they arrived on the scene. 

The Chester County Deputy Coroner identified the driver as a male, but did not release any other specific details about him or the cause of death. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety along with the coroner’s office would be handling the rest of the investigation. Local law enforcement was also concerned that five people had died in motor vehicle accidents in the county in approximately two weeks. There had been only five other accident deaths in the county for the whole year prior.  

Trucking accidents and fatalities

When a truck driver causes another person to die, they can be sued along with their employer for negligent or reckless actions on the road. In a situation like the news report above, a driver of a commercial vehicle who was injured may be able to sue their employer as well. Workplace injuries are actually a very common source of lawsuits and workers compensation claims. Either situation allows a victim to be compensated for their missed time from work and other losses. 

Wrongful death lawsuits in South Carolina

Civil lawsuits related to deadly accidents are called wrongful death claims. Each state has a similar wrongful death statute, but there are some slight differences, which is why it is important to get local help. 

There are certain family members who can bring the case on a deceased person’s behalf, usually a spouse or child. Other extended family members can do so if these parties are not available. There is also a shorter statute of limitations, so it is important to start the process shortly after the accident.

Wrongful death cases can proceed independently of any criminal charges related to the same incident. 

Talk with an accident attorney in your area

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