When a driver is operating a large truck for either commercial or recreation purposes, the margin for error is small. This is because the impact of a heavy truck collision can cause very serious injuries or even death. 

Local police in Fairfield County, South Carolina are investigating an incident where a truck driver hit a tree and was killed from the impact

Truck driver dies after losing control and hitting a tree

Law enforcement reported that the victim was driving a pickup truck on S.C. Highway 269. At some point around 11:30 pm, the truck went off of the side of the road, started to roll over, then made contact with a tree near the roadside. After emergency crews arrived, they confirmed that a 40 year old male driving the vehicle from Winnsboro, South Carolina had died at the scene. The Fairfield County Coroner’s office released his identity based on their post accident procedures.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol would be conducting a full investigation regarding the cause of the truck accident and the victim’s death. 

Single vehicle accidents

There may be a number of different reasons why a driver suddenly loses control and collides with an obstacle on or near the road. While this can be due to something as simple as driver error, this is not always the case. It is important to understand some of the reasons why a vehicle may end up crashing with an obstacle before talking with a truck crash lawyer

Some vehicles can malfunction or have other serious problems. When a truck is not properly maintained or repaired, this can create hazards when it is being operated for long hours while transporting goods or materials. If an unsuspecting driver has a mechanical problem while traveling at high speeds on an interstate, it can cost them their life and affect other drivers as well. There are civil lawsuits related to defective manufacture and design that fall under the umbrella of products liability cases. 

Irresponsible businesses and employers

An employee can sue their employer for allowing them to drive a vehicle from their fleet that was either unsafe or not properly repaired for general use. If the truck was negligently maintained, or the owner should have known it was not safe for use, it usually possible to sue the person or business responsible. Negligence is another important area of the civil law that may be relevant to your accident depending on the specific facts. 

Talk to a lawyer in your area after a collision with a truck

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