Pickens, SC- If you have been in a truck accident, you have two options to settle your claim. You can settle your claim through negotiations with the responsible truck driver and their insurer, or you have the choice to take your case to court and allow a jury to decide the outcome. There are advantages and disadvantages to both means of resolving your truck accident claim which our team of truck accident lawyers in South Carolina will discuss here.

Before deciding whether to settle or take you claim to court, it’s important to note that if you accept an out-of-court settlement, you forfeit your right to pursue your case in court, so you need to make certain you have legal counsel. A South Carolina personal injury lawyer understands the true costs of the injuries you sustained and will work hard to obtain the settlement amount you are entitled to for your suffering.

It’s important to note that if you accept a settlement from an insurance claim, you forfeit your right to take your case to civil court, so you need someone who understands the true costs of your injuries, helping you make the hard decisions about your case. For this reason, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a personal injury lawyer near you.

Many truck accident victims find the idea of a court case appealing because they believe it will result in a larger settlement amount. That may be in true in some cases, but there are pitfalls to resolving your case in court. For one, a court case results in court costs and additional legal fees which can reduce the settlement amount you receive. There are different stages of a court case, requiring your legal counsel to spend numerous hours gathering evidence and working on your claim. Convincing a judge or a jury may require you hire experts in accident reconstruction and medicine along with other forensic experts. While hiring these experts can bolster your personal injury or wrongful death claim, they can also cause your legal fees to add up quickly. That is why it’s smart to get the advice of a lawyer before refusing the settlement negotiation process.

Another disadvantage of a court case is the time it takes to resolve a truck accident claim. You may be able to schedule your civil case within six months of your accident, but, in most cases, it can take up to a year or more for your attorney and the representatives of the at-fault party agree on a court date. You may also see your court date delayed because attorneys on both sides need to time to investigate and work on your claim.

Settling your truck accident claim out court takes far less time than taking your claim to court and is less costly. That means truck accident victims can keep more of their award and will receive it much sooner than if they decided to file a civil case.

At USAttorneys, we have an outstanding team of truck accident lawyers in Pickens, South Carolina, who are skilled litigators and negotiators and know how to secure for you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact a lawyer today.

If you are a truck driver, you need to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer to discuss how you can obtain the compensation you deserve for your truck accident.