Drowsy, drunk, and distracted drivers have been causing major havoc on the roadways lately, but it seems the slippery conditions in Ohio might be an additional factor to add to the list of risks that are out there. Ohio drivers should be cognizant of the snow-slicked roads they are forced to drive on in various cities across the state as it may be the reason this very accident we are about to cover occurred.

On December 10th, a pickup truck was involved in a rollover crash in southwest Ohio involving 49-year-old Carl Perry, who was driving the truck, 73-year-old Linda Davis, who was a passenger, and an infant. According to NBC4I, the accident occurred around 5:00 p.m. on a road that had a blanket of snowfall on it. Apparently, the driver hit a sign which caused the vehicle to then hit and tree, leaving it overturned. Perry died at the scene of the truck collision and Davis passed away after being transported to a local hospital. The infant who was apparently traveling with the two, survived the crash, suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.  The news source did not disclose the age or name of the child involved.

It was also reported that the two adults were not wearing their safety restraint belts, but thankfully, the child was buckled in a safety seat. The Highway Patrol did report that alcohol did not appear to be a factor in the crash so it can be assumed that the slippery roadways may have caused the vehicle to hit the sign.


Winter Weather and the Threats It Brings to Drivers


As Columbus continues to experience winter-like weather, it is important that drivers are more attentive as the roadways are slippery which places you at a higher risk of engaging in an accident.

The city of Columbus, Ohio generally sees approximately 22 inches of snowfall a year, according to Best Places. Although the snow is beautiful to see, it makes for a more dangerous roadway. Why? The slick and slippery surface it causes can lead to your vehicle spinning out of control or could cause you to collide with other vehicles. Snow can also make it harder for a driver to see what is in front of them which increases the risk of an accident occurring.

Another danger the winter weather poses is the black ice that forms. According to Weather.com, “black ice is a thin coat of highly transparent ice.” The ice blends in with the roadway which prevents drivers from seeing it, hence, the name black ice. It forms when it’s raining and the temperatures drop to 32 degrees or below Fahrenheit. Because of the cold temperature of the ground, when this water hits, it freezes upon contact [Source: Accuweather].  Snow can also turn into black ice when a thin lawyer falls to the ground so be aware of these conditions as we are already experiencing winter-like weather.

As the weather continues to drop in temperature, drivers are encouraged to remain attentive and refrain from engaging in distracted driving to avoid any more truck accidents from occurring. In the event you have already become the victim of a truck collision in Columbus, Ohio, USAttorneys.com is available to help you find and retain a nearby truck accident attorney to assist with your case.