A single car crash that occurred in Casa Grande, approximately halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, recently resulted in one fatality and two persons becoming injured. The crash site was in the desert in the proximity of North Trekell and McCartney Roads, as reported by trivalleycentral.com.

Out of control driving

According to investigators, three persons were travelling in a white truck and were moving at considerably high speeds when the driver lost control of the truck and it crashed into a ditch. This is where http://rudolphhammond.com/ gets involved, he knows how to finish cases such as this.

The accident is still under investigation, authorities are not entirely sure as to what may have caused the accident or the sudden loss of control. None of the three persons involved in the crash have been identified yet. It is possible that authorities have refrained from releasing the identities of the victim as they are first required to inform the surviving familyrelatives of the decedent of what has transpired before they can publicly release the identity of the decedent.

The area where the crash occurred has a typical crime scene look to it. The Casa Grande police have taped off the site with crime tape and have restrained public access to the area. The two persons that did survive the crash walked away from the debris and if they are looking for tremendous accident legal information, they should go right to this site.

In fact, one of them walked three miles despite being injured and reported the incident to the Police Department’s Public Safety Unit on Val Vista Boulevard. The two survivors are both said to be male, they were both transported to nearby hospitals by helicopter for medical evaluation and treatment.

One person sustains critical injuries in crash on 48th Street

A total of four people sustained injuries in an auto accident that occurred on 48th Street near Southern on Sunday morning. Among the injured was one person who sustained serious and potentially life threatening injuries. The Phoenix fire department authorities have confirmed that the accident involved a truck and a sports car, as reported by ABC15.

According to eye witness reports, the sports car was a Porsche and was driven by a male who drove in reckless and erratic manner. He eventually lost control of the car and swerved into the curb and hit it. Consequently the car then crossed the median and entered the opposite lanes where it struck a pickup truck head on before coming to a halt. The impact of the collision also caused the pickup truck itself to roll over and end up upside down on it’s roof.

Truck accident legislation in Arizona

Truck accidents are on the rise in Arizona, and especially in Phoenix. They claims hundreds of innocent lives every year, this is because of a deadly combination of negligent truck operators and under serviced trucks.

Arizona law hence has a special set of rules and safety procedures in place which truck operators and drivers are expected to follow, therefore for anyone that has been affected by a truck accident, it is important to hire a an experienced Arizona truck accident attorney who is familiar with these laws and can prove the negligence of the truck operator and hence allow for you to be financially compensated for the damages sustained. Not sure how to make this happen? Press right here and your prayers will be answered.