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Not sure if you need to hire a truck accident lawyer in Rockland County, NY after engaging in a head-on collision? You can always contact Buckheit & Whelan, P.C. to learn more about the benefits of retaining legal counsel after an accident.

Head-on collisions are one of many types of crashes we hear about and see occurring on roadways in New York. These types of incidents tend to have a long-lasting effect on those involved as most suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries. If you were involved in a head-on collision with a truck, whether it was a garbage truck, box truck, or even a commercial truck, you should consider contacting a truck accident attorney in Rockland County, NY to find out how the legal services they offer can benefit you during this time.


Why would I need to hire an attorney following the occurrence of a truck collision?


You may find it beneficial to retain a truck accident lawyer in Rockland County, NY for many reasons including:


  • An attorney can help you file an accident claim with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier and negotiate on your behalf in the event the company doesn’t want to pay you the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.
  • If you are unable to recover the full amount of money you are due from the insurer, then your lawyer can determine if filing a personal injury lawsuit is in your best interest. Sometimes, insurance companies will find a way out of paying a claimant what they are due, or the claimant is unable to recover enough to cover their damages as the policyholder only purchased minimum coverage.
  • Not only will an attorney serve as a liaison between you and the insurer, the at-fault party, and even the court, but they will be there to support you during this unfortunate time in your life. Dealing with the aftermath of a serious truck collision isn’t easy and it is important that you get all the help and support you can.


Driver in NY Sustains Serious Injuries After Engaging in a Head-On Collision with a Garbage Truck


On February 11, 2019, a man suffered critical injuries in Hillburn after engaging in a collision with a garbage truck [Source: Lohud]. According to the news outlet, the truck had been heading north on Route 59 at around 6:45 a.m. when the driver of the vehicle veered into the southbound lane and crashed into a car. The impact sent the passenger vehicle into a parking lot adjacent to Route 59.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene where firefighters had to pull the driver from the vehicle. He was then transported by the Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps to Hackensack Medical Center in critical condition.


If you suffered a serious or catastrophic injury in a truck accident in Rockland County, an attorney can help you recover the damages you are due.


Rockland County, NY

If you would like to recover compensation for the severe or catastrophic injuries you suffered in a truck crash, you need to get in contact with a truck accident attorney who can help you.

After suffering serious or debilitating injuries in a truck accident, you may find it difficult to complete day to day tasks or even return to work. You may be feeling as though your life has been turned upside down and there is nothing that can be done to make it better. While a truck accident attorney cannot undo the series of events that led up to the crash occurring, they can help you file a lawsuit against the negligent party to recover compensation that can make your circumstances easier to deal with.

For instance, an attorney may be able to help you collect money for your medical bills and lost wages, which can help reduce the financial burden you might be experiencing. They can even demand you be awarded compensation for things like pain and suffering, mental anguish, and how the accident has impacted your ability to enjoy life the way you once could. Now, if you are interested in learning more about why you should hire a Rockland County, NY truck accident law firm after having engaged in a truck collision, contact Buckheit & Whelan, P.C. for a free consultation.


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