Kenosha, WI – Motorists on Interstate Highway 94 near the Kenosha Regional Airport experienced significant delays due to multiple overturned semi trailers

Multiple trucks collide and block local highways for hours

Local authorities had initially received several calls about accidents when a large snowstorm hit the southeast part of Wisconsin on a Tuesday morning. The highways were problem areas for several crashes within a short span of time. The severity of the storm and poor road conditions also caused multiple local schools to close on the same day. 

One area of westbound I-94 and Highway 158 experienced a crash where one semi truck jackknifed and another large truck collided with the first shortly afterward. Traffic was backed up in that area for approximately two hours before traffic delays started to ease. Certain drivers were detoured far enough southbound that they crossed over the Illinois border. 

Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie ambulances arrived at the scene as a precaution, but there did not appear to be any serious injuries. The Wisconsin State Patrol was tasked with handling the accident investigation and other duties related to the scene and traffic direction. 

The storm caused a total of four truck accidents, four injuries, and twelve less serious accidents that resulted in only property damage within a relatively small area on the same morning. Highways into Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties saw accidents due to the same storm system as well. Local meteorologists said that the storm could produce anywhere from 4 or 5 inches of snow through various parts of Wisconsin, and as many as 10 or 15 inches in other parts of nearby states. 

Truck collisions and injury lawsuits

When a truck accident causes significant harm to others nearby due to injuries, property damage, and other losses, the victims have the right to bring a civil case for damages. In a situation like the news story above, the trucking company likely should have taken more precautions due to the storm, or told their drivers to not drive at all. Evidence of this kind of behavior can help the plaintiff prove negligence and possibly win their lawsuit. 

Costs associated with accidents

This storm resulted in a combination of injuries and property damage. Both types of losses may be covered by either personal injury lawsuits or insurance coverage depending on the specifics of each collision. Anyone who is considering bringing a case in civil court can speak with a lawyer to learn more about the specific damages tied to any accident if they have sustained financial losses due to medical treatment and missed time from work. 

Finding a local truck accident attorney is a source that helps people find a lawyer who matches their needs. Potential clients can choose their state and a relevant practice area to get in touch with an experienced local firm. 

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