Kansas City, MO- Truck accidents can be as complex as they are dangerous and in some instances driver error may play a part. But then again, the often overlooked trucking company may be the real culprit behind either by refusing to obey federal safety regulations, failing to properly maintain their trucks, or refusing to vet their drivers or ensure they are drug-free.

Last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shut Washington-based Quality Relocation Services after an investigation found the company to be among the worst in the country. According to the FMCSA, that only 1.2 percent of truck companies in the U.S. scored worse than Quality Relocation Services.

The FMCSA began investigating the trucking company after one of their vehicle was involved in a fatal Ithaca, New York accident which occurred in June of this year. According to the Press and Sun-Bulletin, the brakes of a tractor-trailer hauling several cars failed, causing the truck go out of control and slam into a restaurant and art gallery.

A pregnant women in the building at the time of the accident was killed. The building was nearly destroyed, the businesses were shuddered and a couple of people lost their home.

That accident spurred the FMCSA investigation and the agency made a number of troubling discoveries about the trucking company. For one, the company repeatedly failed to properly inspect and maintain their vehicles. In fact, the truck involved in the fatal NY accident was supposed to be put out of service in 2012 until repairs were made. And in September 2013, the same truck was ordered out of service for faulty brakes, the Press Sun-Bulletin reported.

In addition to allowing hazardous vehicles on the road, Quality Relocation Services allowed dangerous drivers on the road too. According to the FMCSA, the company allowed drivers on the road in violation of hours-of-service rules, failed to test drivers for drug use or allowing them to drive before they receive drug test results and falsifying driver’s log books.

The FMCSA ordered the company to close down and not to operate under any other name, but that is just one of the many unscrupulous trucking companies in Missouri and around the country. Allowing a subpar or potentially dangerous driver or vehicle on the road means a trucking company will have to shoulder some of or all of the responsibility for a deadly or injurious truck accident.

Federal and state trucking regulations are there to ensure drivers and other motorists are safe from harm and when an accident results they can and should be held accountable. A Missouri truck accident attorney has comprehensive knowledge of trucking regulations allowing them to build a strong injury claim on the behalf of an accident victim.

Is you have been in a truck accident, you can contact a Missouri truck accident attorney to talk about your case and figure out if your are eligible for compensation and the best way to go about getting it.