DeKalb County, GA- Often on this site when speak of the tractor-trailer accidents, we are focus primarily on the he injuries and deaths that result. That’s because truck accidents are twice as deadly as traffic accidents. But along with  injuries, truck accidents can leave a path of damage in their wake and cause significant property damage.

In this week alone, there have been three separate accidents involving tractors-trailers that not only resulted in injuries, but destroyed buildings.

On Thursday evening around 5 p.m., in Jacksonville, Florida, a tractor-trailer driver struck a Jacksonville Transit Authority bus after the driver lost control. Upon impact, the JTA bus then slammed into a two-story building which house vacant apartments and a seafood Company.

Two children and a woman on the bus sustained minor injuries. But the most harm came to the building which housed a popular Jacksonville company, Discount Seafood. One wall of the brick building began to crumble and later that evening the building had to be demolished, the Florida Times Union reported.

Also on Thursday, in Fairfax, Virginia, a trash truck rear-ended a passenger vehicle and set off a chain reaction collision which involved six cars. According to reports, the truck hit a Rav-4 and then crossed a center median into oncoming lanes where it struck two parked vehicles, one of which was a van. The van then stuck two pedestrians and two cars parked at gas pumps in a nearby gas station.

Those two vehicles then slammed into gas pumps and severely damaged the pump, but, fortunately for everyone involved that pump did not explode.

The gas station had to close Friday due to the damage.

Three people were seriously injured, including the truck driver and a gas station employee, and were taken to local hospitals.

Another truck accident in Pennsylvania, also on Thursday left six people injured and caused serious damage to a Penn Hills Dairy Queen. This particular accident involved a work truck hauling a trailer, which slammed in to the front of fast-food restaurant and came to rest deep inside. There is now a gaping hole in the restaurant’s façade and it had to be closed until the necessary repairs can be made.

The six injured people had moderate to minor injuries.

In all of these truck accidents, there was substantial property damage. In the case of seafood store, the entire building had to be razed and the business will have to relocate and replace all of their costly equipment. All of these businesses will lose a revenue as they make the necessary repairs. Their employees will also lose income they rely on the get by. When the economic damages of these accidents are calculated, the costs could range in the tens of thousands of dollars.

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