Last week, a semi-truck accident occurred on I-4 about 30 minutes away from Orlando, FL that caused the interstate to close for several hours. Although no one sustained any serious injuries, the aftermath of the accident is what left the roadway unsafe to drive on.


Here’s the full story.


According to the Orlando Sentinel, Frank Esperon, 52, was driving on Interstate 4 around 5:50 a.m. when a vehicle cut him off, causing him to lose to control of the truck he was operating. The front of the truck “jack-knifed after striking the wall.” The impact then caused nearly 200 gallons of fuel to spill out onto Interstate 4. Although state troopers did permit drivers to continue moving by allowing them to pass on the shoulder, it wasn’t until around 9:30 a.m. when I-4 was partially reopened.


Semi-Truck Malfunction Causes Accident that Killed a Brevard County Deputy


Earlier in February, another accident occurred involving a semi-truck that left a Brevard County Deputy dead. News 965 reported that the semi-truck had been traveling southbound on I-95 in the center lane when the truck “suffered a tire tread separation to the left front tire” causing the driver to steer the truck into the left lane. That is the lane the deputy was driving in and as a result of the unexpected lane change, his vehicle collided into the back of the semi-truck.

Although the trucker did not suffer any injuries, the deputy was unable to survive the impact of the crash. He has been identified as Kevin Stanton, 32, and was an 11-year veteran as a well as a field training officer.

What both of these accidents highlight is that there is a need for all drivers to exert more care while operating a vehicle. Although many individuals claim truck drivers are the true cause of many of the accidents that transpire, we see in the first story that the motorist was to blame as they behaved negligently when they cut the trucker off. In the second story, perhaps the company or the trucker himself failed to inspect the tires thoroughly before departing which may have prevented the truck collision from occurring.


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Why is liability important in a truck accident?


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