A man has lost his life after his truck was totaled by a semi-truck in Sterling Heights, Michigan. As reported by mlive.com, the truck accident occurred late at night and law enforcement officers responded to it right away. Truck accident lawyers in Detroit, Michigan are reading about this case to see how this case works itself out.

The truck accident is reported to have occurred on Mount Road near its intersection with 18 ½ mile road. Sterling Heights is located around 23 miles north of Detroit.

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The victim’s truck has been described as a Ford F-150. He was unresponsive and emergency medical technicians tried to revive him by rendering aid, but unfortunately their efforts were in vain. He was pronounced dead shortly afterwards by paramedics. The identity of the victim has not been released by authorities yet pending notification to next to kin of the victim.

Accident investigators confirm that the truck driver did not yield to a red light just moments prior to the collision. They have also stated that neither speeding nor impaired driving are suspected as being causing factors in the accident. Their report will have a major influence on any liability, insurance and other legal related issues, say astounding truck accident lawyers in Detroit, MI.

The semi-truck driver was also medically evaluated by emergency medical technicians and it transpired that he had not suffered any serious injuries. The truck accident site had to be cordoned off from public access for many hours after the accident as investigators conducted their preliminary investigation and evidence collection operations.


22 Year Old Man Dies in Semi-Truck Accident

An unidentified 22 year old male from Houghton was killed in a truck accident with a semi-truck accident last week. The accident reported occurred on Bates Amasa Road near Paulson Road in Bates Township. According to a mlive.com report, the driver of the car lost control of the vehicle, and swerved uncontrollably into the opposite lane before colliding head on with a semi-truck. The occupants of the car were three brothers.

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The driver was a 16 year old and was airlifted to a medical facility and is said to be in critical condition. The front seat passenger was a 22 year old who was pronounced dead on the scene while the back seat was occupied by a 20 year old male who sustained non-life threatening injuries and is being treated for the same at Aspirus Hospital.

Michigan truck accident attorneys point out that any evidence including video footage and the crash investigation report will help establish liability and any insurance and other related legal issues.

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