photodune-693773-death-xsBrooklyn, NY- The driver of a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle both fled the scene of an accident that left a 93-year-old Brooklyn man dead as he attempted to cross a street.

The accident occurred on June 23th on Albany Ave. in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. The New York Daily News reports that 93-year-old Millwood Hughes was attempting to cross the street when he was struck by Peterbilt truck with a silver trailer.

Police say it is possible that the driver of the tractor-trailer didn’t see Hughes, which would explain why the driver didn’t remain on the scene.

Just moments after the initial collision, while Hughes was still on the pavement, he was struck by a passenger vehicle which dragged him at least a block and then fled the scene, according to the Daily News.

Video surveillance footage of the shocking collision show the tractor-trailer plowing into the man as he stepped out of his car, which was double-parked. It then shows the man being struck by a Honda. After striking the Hughes the driver of the Honda exited her vehicle, looked at him and got back in her car before speeding away, the New York Daily News reports.

Police have already located the second driver and charged her with fleeing the scene of an accident involving death, but they are still trying to locate the tractor-trailer driver.

In an urban area like Brooklyn, pedestrians face a greater possibility of being struck by a car or large commercial truck. Sadly, a collision with a tractor-trailer is twice as likely to be deadly and when these collisions aren’t deadly, they end up being very costly for the victims.

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