They are big, massive, and take up a significant amount of space on our highways. While this may be true, semi-trucks are essential as most are transporting goods so businesses can revel and consumers are able to buy the things they need. And did you know that “semi-trucks drive about 140 billion miles a year in the U.S.?” According to Popular Mechanics, there are approximately 1,900,000 semi-trucks operating in the U.S. Perhaps that is why Hattiesburg truck accident attorneys handle so many accidents cases- because there are so many trucks out on the roads.

Although we need semi-trucks to transport goods, it is important to be cautious when sharing the roadway with one.

Interesting facts about semi-trucks you may have not known

  1. states that “The length of time needed for a truck to stop is 40% greater than that of a car? So what does this mean for others on the roadway? You must pay attention to the road, especially when a semi-truck is riding next to you. If a semi-truck is forced to come to a stop or must slow down due to debris or another motorist, you won’t have the time to stop if you aren’t paying attention. The same goes for using your cell phone, speeding, or riding too closely behind these vehicles. Drivers should refrain from engaging in any such behavior as it could increase your chance of getting into a truck accident.
  1. A big-rig generally has a 55-foot turning radius. Rather than speed up on a truck who may be making such a wide turn, be patient and allow them the necessary time to make their wide turn safely. Drivers who ride closely up on a truck increase their chances of colliding with the trucker and could ultimately bring harm to both parties.

Big rigs should never engage in the act of speeding

Were you aware that there is a maximum speed limit that a big-rig should not exceed? “Most big-rig tires are not meant to go over 75 mph,” says This means that if a trucker does find themselves going over the 75 mph speed limit, they could be facing danger. Whenever a person abuses the ability of a product, it often doesn’t work properly. Therefore, the tires could be a risk of sliding or spinning out of control. Truck drivers should take note of this little detail and drivers should be cautious in the event they see a trucker going beyond the limit.

What to do if you get into an accident with a truck?

Some truck collisions are inevitable and unavoidable. If you become injured in a trucking accident and aren’t sure where or who to turn to, Hattiesburg, MS truck accident lawyer Toby Gammill can guide you in the right direction. Accidents sometimes leave us unable to work, disabled, or emotionally distraught if a loved one is killed and this suffering should be compensated for. Toby Gammill Attorney at Law can help you better understand the claims process and what you may be entitled to receive based on your damages. You can contact him today at 601-487-2300 to receive your free consultation and further discuss the details of your matter.