During a live stream recording for his YouTube channel, subscriber Burger Planet captured the moments just before and after a semi-truck crashed into traffic that had slowed on I-70 in Jefferson County, CO on April 25th. The YouTuber first captured footage of the trucker traveling past him at a fast rate of speed while all others were slowing down, followed by the cloud of smoke that arose after the trucker collided into traffic. Although police have not identified the reason for why the driver of the semi neglected to slow down, 9 News did share some of the details pertaining to the incident.

According to the news source, it was around 4:50 p.m. when the collision was reported which resulted in both directions of Interstate 70 between 6th Avenue and Denver West Parkway to shut down. Authorities predicted that stretch of road would be closed through the following day given the nature of the crash. Apparently, the trucker, who has been identified as Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, 23, of Houston, Texas, failed to stop or was unable to stop which caused a chain reaction crash to unfold.

In total, there were 28 vehicles involved in the collision, four of which were also semis. Ten individuals involved in the accident were treated at St. Anthony Hospital for their injuries and four people were killed. The names of those victims have yet to be released. CBS News also reported on the crash highlighting that the initial truck had been carrying lumber which “plowed onto vehicles on [the] crowded interstate” which contributed to the severity of the incident. The impact not only caused the lumber to hit other vehicles, but also several explosions and fires to break out causing the metal on the cars to melt off.

While police do not suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in causing the fiery accident, authorities won’t know what truly happened until they can conduct an investigation of their own. And that could take some time. The reason being is that even hours after the collision occurred, police were unable to begin sifting through the debris as firefighters warned there were still hot spots which made it unsafe for them to go near it. But even after authorities are able to inspect the crash scene and the vehicles involved, it will likely take a significant amount of time for them to piece together what happened.

For now, all we know is that Aguilera-Mederos did not slow his vehicle when traffic had stopped on I-70, whether it was due to a defect with the truck or negligence on his part, and he has been taken into police custody on four counts of vehicular homicide.


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