Some situations involving damage from trucks may seem like total accidents, but there is usually someone responsible for the vehicle’s improper operation. An out of control dump truck caused massive amounts of damage in the Pioneer Square section of Seattle before it was stopped.

Out of control dump truck puts five people in the hospital before it crashes into a building

Police and emergency crews initially responded to a call about a dump truck that hit multiple cars and pedestrians near the 1st an 3rd Ave intersections of James Street early that morning. Five people sustained injuries as a result of the incident, and all were transported to the Harborview Medical Center. Based on reports from witnesses, it seems that the truck hit a white SUV, a work van, and a black sedan. The force of the impact knocked the doors off of the van as the dump truck continued down the hill. The truck finally came to rest when it crashed into the front of a Subway restaurant at about 40 miles per hour. Several pedestrians in the area also told police that they had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. One witness claimed she barely made it across the street without getting hurt, and she believes several others could have been injured based on the location of the vehicle in a busy section of the city. Pedestrians in the area were impressed by the quick response after the 911 call to secure the scene.

The building that housed the Subway restaurant and other businesses had to be evacuated as it may have experienced significant structural damage, making it unsafe for occupancy. The initial investigation determined that the truck had a serious mechanical issue, which caused it to start rolling away. A 33 year old male was the first victim to be struck before the vehicle gained momentum and went down the hill. All five victims sustained serious injuries, but were expected to survive. Streets in the area remained closed for some time after the accident while traffic was rerouted.

Who is responsible for the mechanical failure?

A situation such as this was most likely created by a severe error from the driver or whoever was responsible for maintaining the truck. There is also the possibility that the truck manufacturer created a vehicle with a design defect that was never noticed or fixed properly. These kinds of situations cause massive recalls of certain auto parts such as airbags and brakes.

Whatever the cause of the accident is determined to be, there are lawyers who focus on the area of the civil law that deals with personal injury and motor vehicle accidents. They represent victims and make sure their clients receive proper compensation for injuries, hospitalization, medical treatment, and related costs.

The company that employs the driver or the truck manufacturer will possibly end up dealing with the liability for the all of the damage caused by the faulty vehicle.

Attorneys who help people like you are available

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