Car drivers are nervous around commercial trucks for a variety of reasons including the large blind spots on commercial trucks.

Orlando, FL- Semi-trucks, tankers, log trucks and other large commercial vehicles intimidate motorist. Some may be perfectly fine cruising beside big rig, but many passenger vehicle motorists aren’t comfortable around them. In a recent survey, AAA found that a majority of drivers are afraid of large commercial trucks.

Why Are Motorists Afraid of Big Trucks?

The trucking industry transports most consumer goods in the U.S., so large trucks are prevalent on urban streets, rural highways and the interstates crisscrossing Florida. It should be no secret that passenger vehicle drivers get nervous around commercial trucks. But the fear of big trucks is not surprising when you consider they can weigh up to 80,000 lbs., over thirteen times the average weight of an SUV or passenger car.

AAA found in past survey that six out of ten adults in the U.S. fell less safe around commercial trucks than cars, small trucks or SUVs. Respondents gave AAA three reasons they are afraid of large trucks:

28 percent said size and length

18 percent said trucks have less visibility and more blind spots

14 percent said they swerve and drift out of their travel lanes

One in four motorists participating in the AAA survey said they would feel safer around large commercial trucks if they utilized safety technology. AAA recently suggested trucking companies use the following technologies in commercial trucks:

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Video-based Onboard Safety Monitoring

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems

Air Disc Brakes

Additional safety technology in large trucks can prevent over 60,000 truck crashes annually, according to a recent study from AAA.

Motorists say they would feel safer around commercial trucks if they were outfitted with safety technologies including lane departure warnings and rear-end cameras.

Who is At Fault for Commercial Trucks?

Most commercial truck wrecks are the fault of passenger vehicle motorists, according to past study from the American Trucking Association. In police-reported crashes, car drivers were responsible for 33 percent of truck accidents while truck drivers are responsible for 19 percent of truck wrecks.

If you are injured, call a commercial trucking accident lawyer in Orlando. You can arrange a case evaluation and discuss how to recover the compensation you need. When you retain a truck wreck lawyer in Florida, they will begin to investigate and identify the party or parties liable for your crash. Those parties can include truck drivers, trucking companies, parts manufacturers and repair shops.

Call a Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyer

A collision with such a large commercial vehicle can cause a lot of damage to an auto, person, or object. Commercial truck accident victims often suffer severe injuries that result in thousands of dollars in medical and other accident-related expenses.

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