PITTSBURGH – October 21, 2020

A multi-vehicle crash on I-70 East, involving a tractor trailer that failed to stop, ended in the loss of life for a driver in one of the vehicles it crashed into. The tractor-trailer hit several parked cars from behind, and the victim succumbed to fatal injuries at the scene according to the Westmoreland County Coroner’s Office.

Truck size.

 A tractor-trailer is approximately 65 feet in length and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, causing any type of crash between it and another moving vehicle, stationary object, or person to suffer catastrophic property loss, injury, or death. Truck driver errors may be caused by fatigue due to the deadline-imposed trucking industry business, safety violations, or overloaded cargo that may increase the chance of a truck accident inhibiting its ability to stop.  A Pennsylvania truck accident attorney can guide a victim’s actions after someone has been fatally injured and assist with insurance claims, expediting payment to cover funeral expenses, and initiate wrongful death litigation for comprehensive damage compensation for negatively impacted survivors.

Regulations and insurance.

Pennsylvania commercial trucking laws are in place to protect the public and reduce motor vehicle accidents, addressing Pennsylvania’s ranking as one of the five states that have the highest number of truck accidents in the United States. Because the State of Pennsylvania uses both a “no-fault” system and a 3rd party liability system, immediate costs related to funeral and burial expenses may be accessed through the personal injury protection, or “PIP” portion of the victim’s policy.  Victims also have the right to proceed directly against the at-fault driver’s insurance under certain circumstances that result in serious injury, or death utilizing the modified comparative negligence rule.

Wrongful death.

There are specific legal actions that can be filed by heirs of a decedent and personal representatives of an estate with the assistance of an experienced attorney such as wrongful death claims. In Pennsylvania, family members, or legal representatives must file a wrongful death legal action to secure compensation when a loved one dies because of the negligent, reckless, or deliberate act of another.  A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can assist in the recovery of damages that may include:

  • Medical bills and treatment,
  • Funeral and burial expenses,
  • Lost wages compensation,
  • Compensation for pain and suffering,
  • Punitive damages based on the individual case.

Seek legal counsel.

Call an accident attorney in the Pittsburgh area to assist in the determination of  “fault” and move forward with a legal proceeding to address the wrongful death loss.  An experienced truck accident lawyer at Scanlon & Wojton will fight for your rights and are familiar with trucking industry regulations that will impact a case outcome.

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