Highway accidents that involve large semi trucks are usually disastrous because of high speeds and the size of the vehicles. 

An elderly man from San Antonio, Texas was killed when his vehicle was involved in an accident with a semi truck on a nearby highway.

Man drives his pickup truck into the back of a semi and dies shortly afterward

The San Marcos police responded to a crash at about 10:30 am on a Tuesday on Interstate Highway 35 southbound at the River Ridge Parkway exit. They believe that the victim’s Dodge pickup truck was trying to make evasive maneuvers to avoid another vehicle when it went into the back of the truck pulling a semi trailer. The victim was identified as a 70 year old male a short time later.

There was a construction zone in the area, where vehicles from the center and right lanes were forced to merge left. Police believe that this may have been a factor in the accident. 

The San Marcos Police do not intend to issue any traffic citations or criminal charges related to the incident. This section of I-35 is several miles northeast of the San Antonio city limits.  

Can construction crews be held responsible for an accident? 

It is possible to bring a lawsuit against the company responsible for the construction zone. A lawyer for the plaintiff will still have to prove that the site was placed or managed in a negligent way, and somehow caused or contributed to the accident. In normal automobile accident cases, the inquiry is much more straightforward because fault is usually tied to a careless driver. It can be more difficult to show that a construction site actually caused a collision somehow. 

There is a general obligation for construction sites to be clearly marked, blocked off, and kept free of hazards. A failure to do any one of these things can be used as evidence of negligence. A specific mistake by any construction worker in the area that caused problems may become a crucial piece of evidence as well. In other words, any evidence that the site was operated in an unsafe manner can become important.

How is compensation for this kind of accident determined?

In a deadly accident like this, the person or business responsible may be served with a wrongful death lawsuit. This means that they will have to pay the victim’s family for future lost wages, funeral and burial expenses, and their medical bills before death. There are also damages related to the trauma and emotional pain that the victim’s family must endure. 

Talk to a local truck accident attorney

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